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the technical part of stoichy

Stoichy uses inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) to achieve the most precise water analysis in the market: Water is carried with argon gas into 12,500° F hot plasma.

The plasma is so hot that molecules in the samples are torn apart into single elements and rip electrons, creating ions. The ions leave the plasma, travel in the argon gas through a channel of electromagnetic fields and finally scatter onto a detector. That detector is large enough to identify 71 of 76 water relevant elements from lithium to uranium simultaneously.

Since all elements have a different mass, they are separated to charge ratio and each element can be detected separately, creating a unique spectra of elements. The principle is analogous to light that hits a prism: the water sample is volatilized and suspended in argon gas and hits the plasma where molecules are turned into elements.

The electromagnetic equipment separates the elements by mass and results in an elemental spectrum, delivering far more accurate analyses than ever before..

Stoichy water testing is unique for the range of elements tested and its incredibly sensitive detection limits. Our analysis results can identify element concentrations far below official values for 71 elements. So stoichy is your reliable partner for detecting dangerous levels of inorganic elements and shedding light on the causes of health and environmental problems.

There are two sets of elements that we cannot measure. The first set contains all elements that are noble gases or radioactive. The second set are elements that are so abundant in our environment (e.g. carbon, nitrogen and oxygen in the air) that their presence contaminates the samples. Other elements such as fluorine, rhodium and thorium cannot be measured for technical reasons.

You will receive a customized water analysis from an expert scientist. What’s more, because we test new water samples every day, we can provide you with updated analyses. Simply log in to our site anytime, download the latest version of your results, and compare them to others on our online stoichy world map.

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Earth alkalines
Other metals
Transition metals
incapable of measurement
no appearance in water

primary maximum concentration limit allowed by EPA, which are established to protect the public against consumption of drinking water contaminants that present a risk to human health. An MCL is the maximum allowable amount of a contaminant in drinking water which is delivered to the consumer.

secondary maximum concentration limit allowed by EPA, are established only as guidelines to assist public water systems in managing their drinking water for aesthetic considerations, such as taste, color, and odor. These contaminants are not considered to present a risk to human health.


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